Meadowpoint Talihina Sky (Rumer)

Basic Information

Born 2011-01-15
Show Champion Tomlow Brief Encounter
Meadowpoint Boogie Woogie

Rumer is the full sister to Diva, but from a repeat mating. 

 Rumer is quite cheeky but also so loving, with the sweetest nature you could wish for.

 She never fails to make me laugh with her antics. Her true love is chasing anything that flies. Moth hunting in the long grass is her favourite hobby 

Here are Rumer's show results

Wath Gala Companion Dog Show  July 2011  Judge Mr Moseley - 1st Any Variety Puppy & Best Puppy In Show

Harrogate & District CS Open Show 13 August 2011 Judge Des Flaherty - 1st Pointer Junior & Best Puppy In Breed

Rossington Gala Companion Show 29 August 2011 Judge Jacqui Millson - 1st Any Variety Puppy (6 to 9 months), Best Puppy In Show & Reserve Best In Show

City Of Birmingham Championship Show 4 September 2011 Judge Mrs Glynis Marsh (Ratchda) - 4th Puppy Bitch

Rotherham Companion Dog Show 10 September 2011 Judge Mr Terry Lunn - 1st Any Variety Puppy & Best Puppy In Show

Nidderdale Agricultural Society Open Show 19 September 2011 Judge Gaynor Myers - 1st Any Variety Gundog Puppy

"... 8 month b/w bitch with a sweet expression, typical head planes, well set ears, neck of good length, correctly placed shoulders, good depth for age, ribs reaching well back, good strenght and angulation behind, moved really well once she settled and had that true pointer action, won the class on her looking more balanced and together than the others at this stage..."

Nidderdale Agricultural Society Open Show 19 September 2011 Judge Peter Bailey - 1st Minor Puppy Bernard Child Memorial "Lincoln" Stakes

"... A quite lovely black and white bitch, with a lovely head and expression, her body shape excelled, shoulders well laid back long and sloping, brisket well let down, forelegs straight with good oval bone, body well sprung, oval feet, lovely coat and condition, movement was smooth covering plenty of ground, a real eye catcher this lovely young bitch..."

Pollard Canine Society Open Show 25 September 2011 Judge Anita Bron (Desjiem) - 2nd Pointer Junior, Best Puppy In Breed and Puppy Group 4 under George Clarke (Reulemill)

Doncaster Canine Society Open Show 23 October 2011 Judge Marie Nicholls (Stonesview) - 1st Pointer Junior, Best Puppy In Breed and Puppy group 3 under Joan Kniveton (Orstone)

"... Smart black and white pointer who has a lovely correct shaped head with dark eye giving desired expression. Good neck and shoulders well ribbed up and sound rear quarters, correct oval bone and neat feet, moved well..."

The Setter & Pointer Championship Show 5 November 2011 Judge Mrs J Hamilton (Pinerock - New Zealand) - 1st Puppy Bitch, Best Bitch Puppy, Best Puppy In Breed and also Best Puppy In Show under Mrs M Justice (Liric)

"... Very promising black and white bitch. With a pleasing head and excellent front. Good bone. Outgoing personality. Tail never stopped, standing or on the move..."

"... 10 months young lady, but so well put together. Although her head still needs to develop her overall conformation was excellent, particularly for her age. She had substance without being large, good strong bone, correct shaped feet and pasterns, in excellent condition. Her movement around the ring was steady but happy and was well handled..."

***Crufts Championship Show 9 March 2012 Judge John Evans (Joneva) - VHC Special Puppy Bitch***

The Pointer Club Championship Show 21 April 2012 Judge Mrs Pamela Tibbs (Raigmore) - 2nd Junior Bitch & 1st Special Beginners Bitch.

"... Larger type who won this class on her excellent movement. She has great depth, strong quarters with good width of stifle. Good head witha gentle expression. Shown in excellent condition..."

Pinxton & District Canine Society Open Show 19 May 2012 Judge Barry Day (Risepark) - 1st AVNSC Gundog Junior, Best AVNSC Gundog & Gundog group 3

"... Typey bitch making a good, compact outline. Nicely dished feminine head with a good eye. Deep well coupled body with pleasing topline, good bend of stifle and neat hocks. She moved well, I would have preferred slightly stronger quarters..."

Crowle Agricultural Show 24 June 2012 Judge Helen Merry (Tingvelle) - 1st Pointer Junior, 1st Pointer Graduate & Best of Breed

Wombwell & District Canine Society Open Show 14 July 2012 Judge Mrs Lesley Trow (Winterwell) - 1st Pointer Post Graduate & Best Of Breed. Then Gundog Group 1 under Mr Colin Woodward (Wadeson)

Lesley Trow "... Good head and skull, neck moderately long and muscular setting cleanly into shoulders, forequarters deep and sloping well back, forelegs straight. Chest deep, ribs well back. Top line sloping down from withers. Free flowing movement..."

Leeds Championship Show 28 July 2012 Judge Mr Chris Atkinson - 2nd Yearling Bitch

"...Quite mature, strong bone, good feet, has depth in body, good length of rib and width of thigh..."

Darlington Championship Show 16 September 2012 Judge Mr Colin Woodward (Wadeson) - 4th Yearling Bitch

Bridgford & District Canine Society Open Show 28 September 2012 Judge Chris Schofield (Cwssen) - 1Pointer Post Graduate & Best Of Breed

Midland Counties Championship Show 27 October 2012 Judge Anne Lowe (Lowsmoor) - VHC Yearling Bitch

The Setter & Pointer Club Championship Show 3 November 2012 Judge Stuart Tait (Moordale) - VHC Yearling Bitch

Mansfield & District Canine Society Open Show 13 April 2013 Judge TinaWestwood (Eusanit/Tollyhimmel) - Reserve Best AVNSC Gundog

"...This bitch kept her topline on the move. Good depth to chest, well ribbed. Tight feet. Moved with purpose..."

Pointer Club Championship Show 20 April 2013 Judge Mrs L Hinton (Fleurfields) - 4th Graduate Bitch

Border Union Championship Shw 15 June 2013 Judge Mrs D McDougall (Adstock) - 3rd Post Graduate Bitch 

Leeds Championship Show 28 July 2013 Judge Mr Chris Bexon - 2nd Post Graduate Bitch

"... Heavier bitch, very respectable, not quite the freedom of movement of the winner and could be a little firmer in body. Has a good expression, good ear set, very well put together, lovely reach of neck, good shoulders, strong topline, good width of chest and depth, strong hindquarters with good width. Moved quite well..."

The Setter & Pointer Championship Show 16 November 2013 Judge Mrs Linda Pimblett (Hilldon) - 3rd Graduate Bitch

Retford Canine Society Open Show 23 March 2014 Judge Kyle Adams - 1st Pointer Post Graduate & Reserve Best of Breed

Eastwood Kennel Association Open Show 18 April 2014 Judge Mark Andrews (Ledgands) - 1st Pointer Post Graduate & Reserve Best of Breed 

"...Very well balanced 3 year old B&W bitch, with ah lovely feminine head and expression, well set ears & a good stop. Good length of neck and a clean topline, which she kept on the move. Very good turn of stifle, and correct feet. Moved with ease. Pushed hard in challenge for BOB..." 

The Pointer Club Championship Show 19 April 2014 Judge Beryl Wright (Dervorsteh) - 4th Post Graduate Bitch 

The Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show 18 May 2014 Judge Mrs Jenny Miller (Feorlig) - 4th Open Bitch

Beverley & District Canine Society Open Show 7 June 2014 Judge Mrs A R Weir (Lochfain) - 1st Pointer Post Graduate & Best of Breed

Border Union Championship Show 15 June 2014 Judge Mrs Mary McBurnie (Stonesview) - 2nd Open Bitch 

***Crufts Championship Show 5 March 2015 Judge Mr M Howes (Medogold) - 2nd Graduate Bitch***

..."Another bitch that really caught my eye. She is so sound with good head, kind expression, dark eye, good reach of neck & lay of shoulder, good shape, depth of rib and coupling, oval bone. I liked her overall balance, she moved very well..."

White Rose Canine Society Open Show 2 May 2015 Judge Jenny Fairhall (Acoustica) - 1st Pointer Open, Best of Breed and then Gundog Group 3 under Valerie Mann (Valger) 

"...Liked the size and bone on this bitch a series of curves with nothing over done, has a tendency not to stand over enough ground but when she does she shows off a lovely outline excellent condition and lovely nature - BOB..." (Jenny Fairhall)

"...4 year old bitch with good feminine head. Strong neck leading to well angulated forequarters. Good spring of rib. Short coupled with a well set tail. Moved well..."  (Val Mann)

East of England Championship Show 11 July 2015 Judge Mrs Janet Richards - 1st Post Graduate Bitch

"... liked her outline, short coupled, pleasing head with work and dark eye with soft expression, good shoulders and topline, deep in body, straight front, good angulation of quarters and width of thighs, moved out well..." 

Setter & Pointer Championship Show 7 November 2015 Judge Mrs M Mackay (Woodfleet) - VHC Post Graduate Bitch

Wath, West Melton & District Canine Society Open Show 5 March 2016 Judge Kathy Gorman  (Walgoreg) - 2nd Any Variety Not Seperately Classified Gundog Open & Reserve Best Any Variety Not Seperately Classified Gundog

The Pointer Club Championship Show 16 April 2016 Judge Glynis Marsh (Ratchda) - VHC Graduate Bitch

Rotherham Companion Show 10 September 2016 - Best In Show