Caithpoint Kora At Meadowpoint (Raven)

Basic Information

Born 2019-10-09
Ponsonby Blowin' In The Wind At Caithpoint (Imp NZ)
Sh Ch Caithpoint Here & Now

Meet Raven..... the first puppy to come to our home from another breeder in 26 years ..... that shows how special we think she is! 

Eternally grateful to Faith, her breeder, for allowing this beauty to come home with us.

Raven has done extremely well at shows so far, being awarded either 1st or 2nd in the majority of her Championship classes.  She always cooperates and really enjoys 'showing off'... hoping for many more years of fun!

Here are Raven's show results

National Gundog Championship Show 1st August 2021. Judge Miss Karen Sillince (Tomlow) - 1st Yearling Bitch & 1st Novice Bitch

"...B/w who I last saw as a raw youngster. Today blown away how much she has matured and grown. Lovely, elegant balanced head with the darkest of eyes and super expression. Great reach of neck into clean well laid shoulders. Level topline with correct tail set, moderate stifles with well let down hocks. She was well muscled and in hard condition allowing her to move out with purpose and drive..."

Driffield Championship Show 27th August 2021. Judge Russell Mosedale - 3rd Yearling Bitch

Scunthorpe Canine Association Open Show 30th August 2021. Judge Mrs Mandy Romeo-Dieste (Hopevalley) - 1st Pointer Post Graduate & Reserve Best of Breed

"...Bitch who presented a nice outline standing. She has good front assembly with straight forelegs with good bone and feet. Her rear matches her front which enables her to move smoothly in profile. Going away she was a little wide behind. RBOB..."

Darlington Championship Show 18th September 2021. Judge Jennifer Nicholls (Stonesview) - 3rd Open Bitch

Wombwell & District Canine Society Limited Show 21st September 2021. Judge Chris Hardy (Otterwish) - 1st AVNSC Gundog Post Graduate & Best AVNSC Gundog

Huddersfield & District Canine Association Open Show 26th September 2021. Judge Karen Powney (Knotdog) - 1st Pointer Post Graduate & Reserve Best of Breed

"... 23 months old beautiful bitch, very feminine but with plenty of bone, lovely correct head with dark pigmentation, good angulation and well knit, arched toes. Moved well..."

The Setter & Pointer Club Championship Show 6th November 2021. Judge Peter Pavey (Joneva) - VHC Graduate Bitch

Ladies Kennel Association Championship Show 11th December 2021. Judge Mrs Janet Richards (Eastlands) - 3rd Graduate Bitch

Manchester Championship Show 21st January 2022. Judge Mr David Howarth - 1st Post Graduate Bitch and Reserve Bitch Challenge Certificate

"...Caught my eye at the start of the class and kept drawing me back to her. This super young b/w has a clean and balanced outline when stacked and moves out really well. Quality head with good length of muzzle, plenty of stop and work round her eyes. Long clean neck just flows into her well laid shoulders. Balanced in body with correct depth and width. Not over done in any way. She has well angulated quarters and correct tailset which she held on the move. Pleased to award her the RCC in a quality line up..."

The Pointer Club Championship Show 16th April 2022. Judge Royston Walkling (Kiswahili) - 2nd Post Graduate

"...2 1⁄2 years, black and white. Balanced head, pronounced occiput, good dark eyes, square lips, ears set fairly high. Clean, lengthy neck, good shoulder, and heart room. Correct oval bone. Ribs carried well back, strong over loin, good topline nice quarters. Moved well, lashing her tail..."

The Banbury & District Canine Association Open Show 2nd May 2022. Judge Caroline Bell - 2nd Pointer Post Graduate & Reserve Best of Breed

"... 2 year old black & white bitch who draws you in with her super clean outline. Gogeous head with the darkest of eyes, super reachy arched neck leading into well placed shoulders, plenty of rib and depth, firm topline, good angulation and correct tailset. Moved out well using her well muscled quarters and lashing her tail. Well deserved RBOB..."

Birmingham National Championship Show 7th May 2022 Judge Elaine Newberry - 2nd Post Graduate Bitch

"...Heavily marked b/w youngster who is a larger frame than 1 but is still very feminine. She has a pleasing head and lovely expression. Slowly maturing she will eventually fill her frame and be impressive as she is very striking. She has curves and angles in all the right places and moves soundly and is at one with her handler..."

Southern Counties Canine Association Championship Show 2nd June 2022 Judge Linda Adams - 1st Post Graduate Bitch

"...Classic head on this bitch, oval bone, balanced construction, elastic movement gave her this class..."

Border Union Championship Show 19th June 2022 Judge Steve Mitchell (Staxyll) - 2nd Post Graduate Bitch

"...Stylish B/W bitch, sibling to 1, lovely head, correct eye shape, smooth over the neck and shoulders, well bodied, good quarters, clean in outline, good couplings, moved well..."

Windsor Championship Show 3rd July 2022 Judge Mick Howes (Medogold) - 1st Post Graduate Bitch 

"... A beautiful girl with a lovely head and kind eye. Good reach of neck into well laid shoulder. She has the best of fronts with correct oval bone, tight feet and slightly sloping pasterns. Plenty of depth and spring. Sound in body with correct tail set. On the move she was sound and steady..."

Leeds Championship Show 24th July 2022 Judge Rachel Hambling (Chaseover) - 3rd Post Graduate Bitch

Driffield Championship Show 28th August 2022 Judge Joan Huxley (Woodfleet) - 2nd Post Graduate Bitch

"...Another totally balanced unexaggerated bitch, not quite the angulation of one. She has a lovely head with well-defined stop. Excellent top-line with a neat tail that is carried level and lashing..."

Gundog Breeds Association Of Scotland Championship Show 30th September 2022 Judge Ruth Francis (Feebrick) - 1st Post Graduate Bitch & Reserve Bitch Challenge Certificate 

"...B/W. Such a lovely girl who has to be gone over to appreciate her qualities. So balanced and has a long neck with correct shoulder placement. Excels in hind angulation and covers the ground with ease. Pleased to award her the RBCC..."

The Setter & Pointer Club Championship Show 26th November 2022 Judge Michelle MacManus (Luneville) - 3rd Post Graduate Bitch

Bridlington & District Canine Society Open Show 27th November 2022 Judge Mrs Jane Howarth (Arkview) - 1st Pointer Open, Best of Breed and Gundog Group 1.

Manchester Championship Show 21st January 2023 Judge John Thirlwell - 4th Post Graduate Bitch

Coventry & District Gundog Society Open Show 5th March 2023 Judge Maureen Mitchell (Staxyll) - 1st Pointer Bitch Open & Reserve Best of Breed

"... I loved this stylish bitch with the most apealing well proportoned head and melting expression, kind dark eye, correct ear placement, clean muscular neck, flowing into well laid shoulders, with good forelegs, neat feet and sloping pasterns, deep chest and muscular hindquarters which gave her lovely movement. Presented in tip top condition, pleased to award her RBOB..."

Crufts Championship Show 9th March 2023 Judge Geraldine O'Driscoll (Fowington) - VHC Post Graduate Bitch

Retford Canine Society Open Show 19th March 2023 Judge Claire Mills - 1st Pointer Open & Best of Breed, then Gundog Group 1 under David Howarth (Arkview)

"... Super example of the breed. Moved with style. A pleasure to award her this strong group..." 

The Pointer Club Championship Show 15th April 2023 Judge Linda Wilson (Bonnygate) - 1st Post Graduate Bitch

"...This bitch is so well made with super angles, spring and depth of rib. Long arched neck leading into a lovely topline with neat tail and set. Well boned legs and feet with sloping pasterns. Low set hocks. Feminine chiseled head with dark eye, thin leathers, well turned lip and flared nostrils. Moved out steadily..."

The National Championshop Show 7th May 2023 Judge Diane O'Neill (Chesterhope) - 1st Post Graduate Bitch

"...Black and white bitch. A very feminine bitch with good head and expression with a lovely dark eye. Has an excellent neck into shoulders. She has a very good front, fore chest, and upper arm, excellent depth of chest with a good topline. She is a series of graceful curves and has good strong hindquarters. On the move she is extremely light on her feet and moves effortlessly with good reach and drive, with an excellent short lashing tail. Lovely bitch..."

Pollard Canine Society Open Show 14th May 2023 Judge Mrs B Allison - 1st Pointer Open, Best of Breed and Gundog Group 4

Blackpool Championship Show 24th June 2023 Judge Flo Barker (Flinthill) - 3rd Limit Bitch

York Canine Association Open Show 23rd July 2023 Judge Shaun Layton  - 1st Pointer Open & Best of Breed

Paignton Championship Show 5th August 2023 Judge Sue Welch (Hookwood) - 2nd Limit Bitch

".... Larger framed b/w bitch, good angulation fore and aft, attractive head and kind expression, moved well with drive..."

National Gundog Association Championship Show 6th August 2023 Judge Jackie Radcliffe (Sniperay) - 2nd Limit Bitch

"...Another quality B/W bitch from this cracking class. She has the most feminine of heads with a lovely clean neck, correct angulation fore and aft, shown in hard condition with a gleaming coat, moved out well. I feel she has a lot more to come..."

Darlington Championship Show 15th September 2023. Judge Wendy Goodwin - 2nd Limit Bitch

"...Flashy black and white bitch presents a good clean profile when stacked, super balanced head and dark eye clean neck and well angulated front and rear assembly allowing her to move with great reach and drive..."

Dukeries (Notts) Gundog Club 17th February 2024 Judge Elaine Thomas (Claramand) - 1st Pointer Open & Reserve Best of Breed

"...B/W feminine lady, good to go over, ample neck and good lay of shoulder into a strong back, short strong rib cage, well made feet in good shape and strong oval bone on front legs, elbows nicely fitting, well muscled upper thigh used on the move, liked her a lot, pushed hard for BOB with a very close decision..."

Crufts 8th March 2024 Judge Glynis Marsh (Ratchda) - 4th Mid Limit Bitch

The Pointer Club Championshop Show 13th April 2024 Judge Eddie Whitham (Sedgekirk) - 2nd Mid Limit Bitch

"... another put down in excellent order with her gleaming blanket b/w coat, curvy, balanced outline with good movement. Good head with depth to her stop, bright kind eyes and defined occiput set on an elegant neck, slight arch over the loin to her well set correctly shaped tail. Balanced angles fore and aft with good feet and pasterns..."

WELKS Championship Show 25th April 2024 Judge Mrs A E Moss (Davigdor/Ewtor) - 4th Limit Bitch

The Birmingham National Championship Show 9th May 2024 Judge Ruth Martin (Sunhouse) - 4th Limit Bitch

The Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show 19th May 2024 Judge Colin Mackay - 1st Limit Bitch

"...Lovely headed feminine bitch, a lot to like about her. Balanced in outline ample width of chest and lay of shoulder. Depth and strength through middle, developed back end. Good even stride..."

North Riding Gundog Club Open Show 25th May 2024 Judge Mrs Jane Howarth (Arkview/Moorbrook) - 1st Pointer Open, Best of Breed & Reserve Best In Show

Pointer Club of Scotland Championship Show 16th June 2024 Judge Barbara Critchley (Whipspan) - 2nd Limit Bitch

"... really liked this striking young lady, initially thought my winner, quality, most lovely head, eye and soft expression, reachy neck flowing into well placed fine sloping shoulders, has good fore and hind angulation, everything fits so well, balanced all through. I am sure she will have better days, sadly she didn't give her best when moving, I think maybe the conditions didn't suit her, but she still deserved her place..."

Windsor Championship Show 28th June 2024 Judge Lesley Trow (Winterwell) - VHC Limit Bitch

Boston DCS Championship Show 6th July 2024 Judge Christine Schofield (Cwsscwn) - VHC Limit Bitch