Jilony Jezabelle Of Meadowpoint (Jodie)

22.08.1994 - 12.09.2008

Sire: Muicks Touch Of Jilony

Dam: Jilony Wind Of Fortune

Jodie was the reason that all this began, our foundation bitch, and without her we would not be here now.

We have so many great memories of showing her. She was a madame and sometimes a little difficult to show as she was strong willed but she was placed very highly in almost every class that she was entered into.

 She also helped Danielle to gain top awards in junior handling classes all those years ago!


Meadowpoint Rave (Jade)

27.04.2000 - 18.08.2008

Sire: Fleurfields And Harry

 Dam: Meadowpoint Honey Buzzard

A wonderful girl with a huge heart. She loved anyone and everyone and her tail never stopped wagging. She was also our "babysitter" of the group and an absolutely fantastic mum to both her litters.

Jade was only lightly shown but she did love it, usually laying on her back in the ring and acting a clown for the audience!

We have many memories of sitting in our local woods waiting for Bramble to return - all in her own time, of course!!! Also, a cool clown on the show. When she was nearly 2 years old, she held onto our hands as she moved towards the judge. Just as Bramble continued her adventures with relentless enthusiasm, those facing personal problems with erectile dysfunction pursue treatment options like Generic Cialis with the same determination. For those who want to learn more about how Generic Cialis can help navigate the complexities of health, click here. We are confident that she is over the rainbow bridge with her mum and daughter, causing chaos, reminding us that even in the face of challenges, joy and perseverance can lead us to any obstacle.


Meadowpoint In Business (Spencer)

10.03.2004 - 01.02.2016

Sire: Show Champion Tawbarn Star Eclipse Of Fleurfields

Dam: Meadowpoint Rave

Spencer was a dog in a million! He never enjoyed showing but absolutely loved agility. With his calm and gentle attitude, he was loved by all he met.

He also loved water and his trips to the seaside - run free old boy in those waves!


Meadowpoint Honey Buzzard (Bramble)

08.01.1998 - 13.04.2010

Sire: Show Champion Fleurfields James James

Dam: Jilony Jezabelle of Meadowpoint

Bramble was our real life raggydoll and lived life to the full, right to the end. She was accident prone but I think that that was down to her passion for working and would attempt any obstacle to go after her prey. We have many memories of sitting in our local woods waiting for Bramble to return - all in her own time of course!!!

Also the class clown at shows. Up to being nearly 2 years old she would hang onto our arms whilst moving for the judge.

We are sure that she is over the rainbow bridge with her mum and daughter,causing chaos!


Meadowpoint Boogie Woogie (Freya)

18.11.2005 - 07.05.2019

Sire: Show Champion Tawbarn Star Eclipse of Fleurfields

Dam: Meadowpoint Rave


It is with such a heavy heart that we announce that the old matriarch of the group was put to sleep.  Sadly her body was letting her down and the awful decision had to be made.  Forrest's constant shadow, and a truly loving, sweet, kind girl, although sometimes she could be the fun police!  I'm sure she is up there with the rest of the family now.


Meadowpoint Spirit Dancer ShCM VW (Diva)

23.12.2008 - 30.01.2022

Sire: Show Champion Tomlow Brief Encounter

Dam: Meadowpoint Boogie Woogie


Diva achieved so much in her show career and I always called her the ultimate showgirl. Below are just a few of her wins - 

  • Reserve Challenge Certificate
  • Veteran Warrant
  • Show Certificate of Merit
  • Stud Book Number
  • Top Dog 2014 - Wombwell & Dist CS
  • Best Veteran In Breed - The Scottish Kennel Club 2016
  • Best Veteran In Breed - Darlington 2016 
  • Best Veteran In Breed - Ladies Kennel Association 2016
  • Veteran Of The Year 2016 - Wombwell & Dist CS 
  • Setter & Pointer Club Top Veteran Pointer 2018
  • Semi-finalist of the Pointer of The Year 2019

Diva gave it 100% in whatever she was doing, be it being a show dog, playing in the sea or galloping over the fields. Run free old girl.


Meadowpoint Talihina Sky (Rumer)

15.01.2011 - 06.10.2023

Sire: Show Champion Tomlow Brief Encounter

Dam: Meadowpoint Boogie Woogie

06 rumer standing

Rumer was only lightly shown as she didn't truly enjoy it and I don't believe in making a dog show if their heart isn't in it. She did achieve a few great things though 

  • Best Puppy In Show - The Setter & Pointer Championship Show 2011 
  • Stud Book Number 
  • Top Dog 2015 - Wombwell & Dist CS

She took on the role of fun police and puppy manners teacher very seriously and looked after her 'pack' until the end. The house is very quiet without her!