Meadowpoint Look To The Star (Forrest)

Basic Information

Born 2017-03-20
Show Champion Joneva Diamond In The Rough JW
Meadowpoint Talihina Sky

Meet Forrest!!!

Forrest is only lightly shown.

He is such a loving character, always wants to please..... I always say he was born good and his halo very rarely slips.








Here are Forrest's show results

Bedford & District Canine Society Open Show 23 September 2017 Judge Mr Stuart J Mallard (Tuckles) - 1st Pointer Puppy, 1st Pointer Junior & Best Puppy In Breed

"... Exuberant B/W lad, 6 months old and showing plenty of promise. Correct shape to head, well placed dark eye gave soft expression. Symmetrical in outline, decent bone without being overdone. Excellent topline and hindquarters. BP..."

Driffield Championship Show 29 September 2017 Judge Mr P Pavey (Joneva) - 2nd Minor Puppy Dog & 4th Puppy Dog

" just 6 months this b/w puppy is not as well developed as winner but has a lovely head, eye and expression, nicely placed shoulder, good topline and quarters, moved ok..."

The Pointer Club of Scotland Championship Show 1 October 2017 Judge Dr R W James (Jasmorne) - 2nd Minor Puppy Dog, 3rd Puppy Dog, 2nd Maiden Dog & 1st Novice Dog

Midland Counties Championship Show 29 October 2017 Judge Linda Wastron (Aurichalcum) - 4th Minor Puppy Dog & 4th Puppy Dog

The Setter & Pointer Club Championship Show 4 November 2017 Judge Mr C Bexon (Oldfield) -  3rd Minor Puppy Dog, VHC Puppy Dog & 3rd Novice Dog

Gundog Breeds Association Of Scotland Championship Show 11 November 2017 Judge Miss Wendy Gordon (Hawkfield) - VHC Minor Puppy Dog & 3rd Puppy Dog

Boston Championship Show 5 January 2018 Judge Mrs Christine Morgan - 3rd Puppy Dog & 2nd Junior Dog

"...still a puppy and so less mature in body than the winner but he will drop in brisket with age. He has substance and stron well angulated quarters..."

Huddersfield & District Canine Association Open Show 11 February 2018 Judge Mrs Jane Howarth (Arkview/Moorbrook) - 1st Pointer Puppy, Best Puppy in Breed and Gundog Puppy Group 4

"... 10 months and full of life. Well shaped head leading to lovely neck and shoulders, good set on of tail, moved well with good length of stride..."

Leeds Championship Show 28 July 2018 Judge Joyce Whiting - VHC Junior Dog

Rotherham Companion Dog Show 8 September 2018 - Reserve Best in Show

Darlington Championship Show 16 September 2018 Judge Linda Adams - 1st Junior Dog & 4th Yearling Dog

"...nice boy, god angulation both ends, happy mover with presence..."

Northern Counties Gundog Club Open Show 14 October 2018 Judge Andrew Baker (Saffronlyn) - 1st Pointer Post Graduate & Best of Breed

The Setter & Pointer Championship Show 3 November 2018 Judge Mary McBurnie (Stonesview) - VHC Open Dog

Stocksbridge  & District Canine Society Limited Show 9 April 2019 Judge Mrs J Fiers (Lokeren) - 1st Any Variety Sporting Post Graduate & Reserve Best In Show

Riddings & District Canine Society Limited Show 19 May 2019 Judge Mrs Charlene Walsh (Charlian) - 1st Any Variety Not Seperately Classified Gundog Post Graduate & Best Any Variety Not Seperately Classified Gundog

"Good strong dog. Super head, kind expression. Muscular Hindquaters..."

Southern Counties Championship Show 2 June 2019 Judge Mark Andrews - 2nd Open Dog

" & white dog with a kind eye and pleasing head shape. Clean neck of good length. Good spring of rib and depth to chest. Adequate rear angulation and good expanse of thigh. Moved wih ease..."

Wombwell & District Canine Society Limited Show 17 September 2019 Judge Lesley Trow (Winterwell) - 1st Any Variety Gundog Post Graduate & Best Any Variety Not Seperately Classified Gundog

South Wales Kennel Association Championship Show 11 October 2019 Judge Lorna Lambert (Sandallbeat) - 4th Post Graduate Dog